Amir Salehi, Project Manager


"The way they take care of you, the service they provide here, is totally an A+ ranking. I've had several cases with [Mr. Kumar] and I've always said he's just a wonderful person. Wonderful character. Professional service. Wonderful staff over here, very friendly, and nice, and kind. The best thing about him and his organization is that once he tells you that he will take care of it, it's a done deal. You feel rest assured that it's taken care of. From the first time you see him, you get that sense that you are dealing with a very professional person and establishment that gives you that feeling of security (and somehow I would say comfort and trust). I am always recommending him to my friends and anyone else who is in need of help."

Niloufar Yarandi, Student


"It was just really easy for me and [Mr. Kumar’s] law firm just took care of everything for me. It was a really good experience. When you are a foreigner in a country, the most important thing is to be able to trust somebody to help you. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to have anything to do with immigration stuff because he's the one that we can trust and he knows what he is doing. He's the best."

Dr. Sharil A. Rai, Ph.D., Business Owner


"[When I first met him], Mr. Kumar said I will take care of your case and it has been ten years. At no time did I ever feel a need to go to another lawyer or felt that I'm not being given good advice. Whatever I wanted, whatever I sought, I got from him. I found him professionally sound and even more important than professional soundness, is his integrity. To me if he can do something, if something is doable, he will say yes. Otherwise he will not take the case, he will say this is not doable. So he won't say yes just to get a few bucks from the client, he won't take the case. I have found him helpful not just on my case but he has also been extremely kind to me. I would recommend Mr. Kumar without hesitation, without thinking."

Seda Jacqueline P, Self-Employed


"He is an amazing person. First of all he's not just an attorney. He goes deeply into every personal case. You feel that he is like a family member. Even in a very difficult situation, you can sleep easily because you know that he will take care of everything. That's it. This guy is just amazing. I never left this office in a bad mood, or without hope. Never. Whenever I met Mr. Kumar or Armineh, I just wanted to go celebrate something. When Mr. Kumar finished the case it was like, ‘Oh my God, I'm sorry I'm not going to come back here. I want something more.’ You should be happy that it’s done already, that it's finished and everything completed but you always want to come back to them. It is strange because you don't want to come to doctors or lawyers because it means you have a problem but I want to always be in contact with this office and with the staff. You are always satisfied with what they say and it's not just the hope that they give. It's a real help."

Deepak Kumar, I.T. Technical Architect


"Mr. Kumar, I'd do anything for you. Anything means we were in such a bad shape. In the United States immigration is such a big, big deal. You can never be at peace if you don't have your visa situation settled down. Getting Mr. Kumar in the picture and him getting me in a comfortable situation, that was a really big deal. One of the best things about Mr. Kumar is that he [takes care of] all of the minor details, you don't need to explain too much. He picks up things really, really fast. I would highly recommend Mr. Kumar."